I can’t sleep.

Why? I’m reeking of excitement.
Maybe because I finished ep. 1 of “My Secret Romance.”
Ah~ Sung Hoon….[insert fluttery eyes].

Nah, I just can’t sleep.
So, here I am working on my blog, which I think will help me and hold me accountable for my Korean studying.

My biggest issue is being consistent. I’m always finding things to do. I would study, but I wouldn’t get online. So, I think if I study and then, post what I study online, I could retain it in my memory. And also, use it as a reference point.

Another thing that I do [I hope it doesn’t become an issue for me] is that I study out of 3 books. Why? Well, at first, I got confused as to why some sites would start a [romanization] with a k instead of g and vice versa. [I know that romanization shouldn’t be relied on….]. 2 books have vocabulary, grammar, and excerises for me to complete, and the other material is simply grammar.

[Side note: I don’t study out of them at the same time. Different times throughout the day.]ย 

My goal for later [today] is to clear my mind, refresh, and review over lesson 1 & 2. I’ll even keep track by making a page specifically for my vocab-word list.

Welp, that’s all for now. See ya later.



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