I haven’t posted my about my Korean journey…why? Because its still on-going.
I still find it a bit difficult for my to speak Korean outright to someone, especially if they are Korean. Why? Because I don’t want to offend anyone due to mispronuncing the words.

However, I am still studying.
I’ve realized that my weakest suit to studying this awesome language is: speaking and listening. It’s hard for me on the listening part because I’m hard of hearing and I’m having to work extra hard in understanding what’s being said. The speaking part: see above.

Tonight, I’ve met with Chris [very nice guy, by the way] and I noticed all of mistakes right away. I was a bit upset with myself because I was like: how could you forget everything that Oppa, Jin Ah, and Doo have taught you?! How could you?! I chalked it up to being nervous, but…..I don’t know.

I guess that means that I need to study harder.
If there were only some Koreans in my area, so I could study face to face.
One could wish.
Welp! It’s time for me to go study now.


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