Lately, I’ve been studying Korean vocabulary words to increase my ability to have conversations with native Koreans. I feel comfortable with the grammar like I get it.
I’ve been trying, attempting, or whatever you want to call it, having conversations with myself in Korean. So far, not good, lol. It’s hard to have a conversation when your vocabulary is limited or if you mispronounce a word.

So, a buddy of mine suggested that I study 10 words every day for a week. Is it doable? Of course, it I just simply do it.

I do get a bit discouraged and when that happens, I tend to slack at studying. If foreigners that are learning English, can be steadfast and study hard, why can’t I? I need to disciplne myself into being more proactive with my studying.

I’m in-between tutoring right now, which sucks, to be honest. However, I chat with 2 of them on our scheduled dates. They’ve been so helpful. The others got busy with life, but hey, they still have their spots on my Skype list.

I had ordered myself a Korean keyboard sticker for my tablet to type in Korean faster. I still do the one-finger thing, lol. So, I have a lot to improve on. What about you other beginners?