About me…


Hi! I’m Erica [에리카].
I forgot to do an intro, so here it goes… [check out the “My Purpose” page if you want to know why I started studying Korean.]

I’m from Tennessee.
I’m 33 yrs old.
Married with 2 kiddos.
I’m a 3rd deg. black belt and I teach Tae Kwon Do.

I enjoy writing (letters, stories, poetry, quotes), reading, cooking (I hope to own a bistro or a food truck someday), anything creative, learning something new.

I have a bucket list. I believe that everyone should experience something outside of their comfort zone. I can hold conversations in Spanish, curse in French, say hi in Japanese, and currently learning Korean!

I describe my personality as “simple, yet complex” to keep from going into lengthy details. I’m loyal to a fault, yet I trust no one.

Welp, thanks for reading.