Here are the tools that I’m using on my journey. If you’re learning Korean like myself, feel free to click on the links to these helpful resources. The bold titles are ones that I used and liked a lot. It was very effective for me.

Websites & Apps

Hello Talk app
I Love Korean
학습자 – 누리-세종학당- Online Learn Korean language & Culture
Talk To Me In Korean
Korean From Zero
How to Study Korean
Learn Fly Love – Hyungseok Song
Korean Class 101 [they also have a YouTube channel and tumblr page]
Rieul Korean [app]
Easy To Learn Korean
Dom & Hyo
College Korean 1
Tandem: Language Exchange [app]
Fun Korean
Learn Korean [app]
KOKO [app]


Also, I follow some people on tumblr that have great content on learning Korean. So, check my tumblr for those: My Hangul Journey


My Korean 1 & 2 by Young-a Cho and In Jung Cho
College Korean by Michael Rogers, Clare You, and Kyungnyung K. Richards
Korean Level 1 & 2 by Language Education Institute Seoul National University
Colloquial Korean by In-Seok Kim
Korean Grammar for International Learners (English edition)