FMP: Do’s & Don’ts

FMP: Do’s & Don’ts

*FMP: From My Perspective

It’s been over a year now since I’ve restarted learning Korean and taking it seriously. So, I wanted to give a little insight into what was helpful for me and what wasn’t as helpful as I thought it was.


-When learning any language, try to gather as much resources you can about the history, culture, and tools to learn the language.
-If you live in an area that doesn’t have a native speaker of said language, use other methods or tools to interact with someone. [i.e. language exchange sites or find a language class nearby].
-Practice, practice, and practice. Practice writing, reading, and speaking the language. Record yourself or read out loud to yourself. There are website where native speakers can correct your mistakes [i.e. HiNative, HelloTalk, iTalki, etc].
-For future plans, save up some mooolah to visit the country of your language choice.
-Understand that its okay to make mistakes. That’s how we learn. Just correct it and keep it going.
-Create a study schedule for yourself and a dedicated time.
-If you know someone who likes the same language in your area, become language buddies.
-Interact with native speakers when you’re out and about. [i.e. store, restaurant, etc.].
-When you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a breath and relax. Remember why you wanted to learn the language.
-Learn how to use Korean keyboard. Practice typing.


-From personal experience, don’t have too many “teachers” at one time. You’ll only confuse yourself. It’s great to have friends to help you, but if you’re hiring a tutor, stick with one. Why? Everyone has their own way of teaching. No one way is the correct way, but its less confusing.
-Not practicing your weaknesses. If you’re doing language exchange, don’t communicate solely in your language [unless you’re teaching someone English or correcting their mistakes]. I’m guilty of this. I have a habit of answering in English rather than Korean.
-Don’t freak out because you’re having a hard time understanding. Everyone receive information differently.
-Romanization. Don’t depend on it. Don’t use it.
-Outdated books or resources: don’t use. Try to get over to something that is current, if you can. Or the latest edition available. [i.e. If you had to choose between a 1993 book vs a 2003 book in 2018, I would the 2003 book].
-Don’t think that only one type of textbook, brand, or resource is solely right. I think you can gain insight from other resources. Use what works for you.
-Don’t rely on just travel phrases. It’s good to have, but you’re not really learning anything besides that, in my opinion.
-Don’t use translators so heavily.

Every person that studies a language has their own do’s/don’ts tips that works for them. These are just a little tips that works for me. So, good luck to you on your language journey!!


It’s been a loooooooong time

It’s been a loooooooong time

So….where do I start?

A lot of things has been going on, but I’m still studying. The last time that I’ve written here, I had 2 tutors, but now I have 3. They are great and we’re becoming friends in all that jazz. I have an oppa! Okay, let me stop. He’s my oppa [big bro] because he’s older than me. However, I think its cool that I’m now allowed to take casually [polite] with him since we’ve  become friends. At first, it was all formal polite, which was hard for me because Doo & I speak casually informal and Jin Ah & I speak casually formal because we’re the same age [but she’s a few months older than me].

I’m striving…I’m striving… well, I feel like I am, lol. I’m level 2 now on TTMIK curriculm. Yes!! My new goal is to at least get to the end of level 2 by December, and then by December of 2018, I could be level 6 [if I stay dedicated]. Then by 2019, I can take the TOPIK exam to see where I am at by Korean standards.

There are days that I stuggle with a vocab, verb change, writing sentences, and speaking. It even got to the point where I just wanted to give up. I was so frustrated. Oppa suggested that I take a 2 week break. Well, I’m stubborn. I took a week break to refresh myself, lol. As I’m studying this awesome language, I’m learning more things about myself. Of course, I’m severely kicking myself in the butt for not embracing this sooner [a lot sooner], but you’re never too old to learn. Recently, I found out that TTMIK is releasing a Hanja book [some Korean words still have Chinese characters] and I’m excited about it. It’s on my list to get.

Well, guys and gals, this is what I’ve been up to besides my day to day life.



images[source: LINE character “Frodo”]

I’ve been having this annoying migraine. So, my studying has gotten….okay.
[Source: “Ziqi”]

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I fibbed. I hadn’t reviewed lessons 11-15. I’ve been tired and sleepy. The migraine meds aren’t really helping, but at least its keeping the pain at bay and putting me to sleep. So, since I’m wide awake right now. I guess, I can attempt to study, which could be a lost cause because all the kids are awake. There will be no silence!

[Source: LINE character “James”]

an hour later….

Finally….quiet. They’re all asleep. Am I studying? No, but listening to Korean RnB. Does that count? No…okay…gonna go study now [lol] with Sik-K’s What the hell? playing in the background.

Sik-K “What the Hell” [feat. Donut Man & ELO]


좋은아침! G’morning!

좋은아침! G’morning!

Hey, hey, hey! Hope you guys on the other side of that screen is having a good start on your morning! So, I’m up and ready to study, study, study [in my Rihanna’s voice]. The other day, I didn’t know what material I wanted to study from, so I closed my eyes and picked one [lol].

I chose….[drum roll]… “Colloquial Korean for Beginners.” It seems to be a bit outdated, but I actually liked the material because it reminded me of Korean I.

So, as I’m reviewing over everything, which I think is important to do, I’m listening to Kream’s song “Talking to the moon.” OMG. Beautiful song. Like totally should be used on Kdramas, if it hasn’t already.

Kream “Talking to the Moon”

If you have never heard that song, I really suggest that you listen to it. Korean RnB is the stuff right now, lol. Well, for me…getttttting side tracked. Well, I have to get my kiddo ready for school and I’ll be baaaaack with my lessons and my vocab list.

Stay tuned..